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E-board pack's and the universal 6x6 pack
See here my current project. 

till so far i have tested over 300 cells with just 2 Turnigy accucell 6 chargers.
Im trying to make a universal battery, to connect in series or parallel to use for al my projects.

So far i made 2 6x6 cells as i call them, and 1 E-board battery.

The 6x6 cells are +/- 80Ah

And te big E-board one is about 19Ah at 22.2V (6s)


The extra pictures are just the charging and discharging boards im using. The discharging one is not finnish yet because im waiting for some switches and de 3ohm resistors. But will speed my coming 1000 cells with testing a lot!


Sorry if i didn't give al the info you need, just wanted to post something quick. 
Feel free to ask Smile
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Nice setup. Are the 6x6 1s?
(05-24-2017, 02:02 PM)jdeadman Wrote: Nice setup.   Are the 6x6 1s?

Yes all 36 (6x6) are parallel.

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