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(02-23-2018, 11:44 PM)nrm21 Wrote: Probably... it sure looks and feels like the same quality that others have with MPP to me.  They are all from Voltronic right?  So quality should be the same no mater the name.

Yes mine connects to Watchpower and Solar Patrol and all those programs.  It also uses the same commands from the protocol manual that can be found here:

It's basically the same thing with a different label on it.  Same ports in the same positions and even the silver and black color are the same.

I'm guessing you can just connect L1 in your house to one unit and L2 in your house to a second unit and use the positives of both to get split 240v right?  Or is that a very bad idea for some reason?  I don't know because I only have 3 loads that use 240v (Stove, Dryer, Central AC) and none are things I plan on powering with a 1600w inverter.  Heck even my microwave is 120v.

Im living on the dangerous side. I have a 120v outlet on each leg of my breaker panel. I run 2 "suicide cords" from my single inverter to the box. I plug one into one outlet and one into the other. It powers both legs at 120v but will not run anything 240v. 

If the inverters are parallel connected and putting out 120v 180 degrees out of phase with each other, I think thats how the EA and MPP parallel kit meant for split phase works. You could run 240v loads. Im not an expert by any means in electrical theory so I dont recommend using any of my advise lol!!! Big Grin
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This looks like a new combo and it includes sync cards...??
I just bought the MPP PIP-5048MG which has straight 240 output. I also bought a transformer for $150 to turn 240 into 120/240 split phase. I'll let you know how it works once I get my pack up and running, but in theory, it should work.

How are the 1648s working so far for folks that have them up and running? Any issues?

I am thinking of getting one to add to my current setup that uses two SUN-1000gtli, one for each leg. (In US so split phase panel).

My thought was to move my current inverters to a single 110v leg of the panel and get the 1648 for the other leg.

I am a little fuzzy of the AC hookup side and how the 1648 handles loads. Maybe someone can answer the following.

1. How does the AC input work, dedicated breaker for the inverter and another dedicated for the output? I was thinking 2 15amp breakers on the same leg. What are folks panel setups like? I found the manual lacking that detail.

2. What happens if the panel load exceeds inverter capacity? Will is just switch 100% to utility or would it supplement, example a 2000w load so 1600w from inverter and 400w from utility?

3. 240v loads. I have a few 240 circuits that I am stuck with. Has anyone seen any impact to their own 240appliances? Wondering if the 1648 does a full switch over to utility if the cutover is quick enough that the appliance is not impacted, washer, dryer, stoves, etc..

Solardad, I think this is more of a new thread as you ask a lot of non-OP questions. Please create a new thread as more ppl will likely read it than read an older thread.
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Will do. Thanks

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