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Electronic Parts & Tools Reviews
Ok, so I'm thinking of starting this thread to do reviews on electronic parts and tools. We all try various different things various sellers. Sometimes we get great stuff, sometimes we get screwed. Even though the part is "supposed" to be the same.

So, I got my "postbag" from china the other day. One of the main items was breadboards (as my first one I got either had too difficult of pin connectors, or too loose). So, I ordered 2 different types from the same seller.

Seller: wikita

Item 1: $1.23

These are really nice for just a plain board where you just need to throw some stuff together really quick, or possibly leave the parts and use the board as the PCB. There is a single runner on either side for power. It does have slots on the sides so you can hook two or more together, however, they are difficult to slip together. Though, this would be a high point positive if this was to be used as the PCB as they wouldn't come apart very easily. It also has 4 screw holes so you can screw/bolt it down. Again, great for using it as the PCB. Just regular thin tape holds the pins into the board on the backside. You can easily see if any of the pins are being pushed out of the board and re-seat them

I have an 8 prong power board (two pins on each corner that supply pos/neg to each of the rails) that I used to test fitment. I didn't realize the spacing length wise was not the same as width, so I bent a couple pins pushing all 8 into the board. However, when pressing just 4 into the board in the correct orientation, they went in easily and firmly. It takes a little bit of effort to pull the board back out of the breadboard. You won't have to worry about your arduino or other proto board coming loose with this breadboard.

Item 2: $.99

I got this board primary cuz it looked neat. It's see through and gives it an almost working on glass kind of surface. It has the standard 2 power rungs on either side. But, the 3 sections are actually separate. Each piece is removable. So if you need to have several power rungs, you can add them. Or, if you only need 1 dual rung, and expand the proto board to a larger space, it's easily done. The backing material is a peal and stick foam padding with a second sticky facing. If you want to stick this board to something, you can do it. Though, it's probably a semi-permanent deal if you do. The pins don't seem to move, but if they do, you can feel them through the padding as it's only about 1mm thick.

The 8 prong power board as mentioned above easily snapped into this bread board in all sections. I randomly plugged the power board in and didn't find any difficult to insert into. As with the other bread board, the pins held firmly and securely.

Shipping: Ok, when you first look at her listings, you will see that most of them have >$1 for shipping. Some are even $2. I was actually discouraged by this on my initial viewing and almost kept on going. I had filled my cart with items that came to around $42. If left alone, the shipping was around $35 (might of been $45; I don't remember now). But, she has an option to request an updated shipping quote. I requested a new quote and mentioned in the notes that I was purchasing a large order and was willing to pay about $10 shipping. To my surprise, she revised the shipping to only $5. I ordered/paid for everything on Aug 10, and it arrived in the mail a few days ago. I barely took 3 weeks. I was quite surprised it was here that fast.

There are a few other things I got as well that I will review later.

Images from wikita's eBay store and copywrite goes to her.

Perhaps we can continue to add to our good purchases here and recommend sellers. Maybe if we get enough people buying from them, we could ask for a discount as it would be a more reoccurring purchase for them.
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