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Eltek power supplies serial encoding
Been having a look at the Eltek units and trying to work out which ones (if any) are fakes or have problems and which ones are the actual real deal.... and trying to decode the serail numbering as a result :

So far I'm guessing from looking at over 40 serials... :

First two digits of the serial number are the year of manufacture

Next two digits are the week number

Next two digit is manufaturing plant of origin 
71 China - plant 1 (from 2009)
50 China - plant 2 (from 2016) - curious if this is after issues with 15 serials and new design 16 onwards.
64 Brazil
67 Malaysia

Binary flag 0 or 1 - 1=custom variation on the base degsign platform model

Last 5 digits is the number of the unit produced/registered in the year or variation including production line.

The 2000W unit appears to have had a major update in 2016 so wondering why.... what was it to fix or improve ? Is this why a lot of 15 units are cheap if they failed "quality control" and then fell out into the secondary market ?

Has anyone had any issues with any particular units ?

They look like great units and after using some, just wondering if production issues in 2015 caused an issue with some ?

This was part of the analysis.... appologies for the image size....

This could just be purely an unfortunate coincidence of listings by a seller.... smudged labels, label printing supplies ?

They could also be brilliant units... just wondering...
Just wondering, what are you using these for? Is this to charge the pack off mains at night to use in the day?
Yes, I'm looking to move to a half hourly tariff and then charge in the half hours that are cheapest within the next 24 hours or delay charging for a day or two. This is only in the winter as summer I have enough solar so more of a plan for next winter.

For the half hourly pricing I'm just working out what charge capacity is then most cost effective, i.e. if I use on average 10kWh per day do I add 9kW of chargers (3 x 3kW) and pick two half hour intervals to supplement solar or only go for a single 3kW device and pick 6 intervals to top up with..

Will add some charts and figures later on.

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