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External limiting an GTIL2 SUN-1000G2 with raspberry
Does anyone got one with wifi function enabled?

Found that the free white 2-pin conector is a poti connect.

0-1,6V = 0-100% Load.
Interesting. Are you changing the output wattage, or what?
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Yes they even sell units with that pot enabled or included.
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i saw both videos but its not clear to me for what is it for.

Anyways i saw you Daniel did post in the GTIL Group at facebook. I have to tell you Daniel that its a mostly philipinnes guidet group and it seems that the supplier is not happy about this group runs because they just try to break down the prices. So in my conversation with management was one of their first statements and most important questions if i am a supporter of this group or not and communication was calm more that i negotiate this. Also after this i got the Serial protocol. Its the reason i do not answer you in this group. This group seems not get much support from management.
Thats great news. Then I will leave the philipinian FB group of GTIL and we can communicate here.

With the 0-1,6V Signal (coming from a Raspberry maybe), I can regulate the watts pushed into the grid, with my logic, not the logic used from the gtil inverter. This is necesserry because in Austria (for example), we have a three phase power net. ANd the gtil is only a one phase product.

So if you now know where to solder the rs232/485/... pins and have the protocol we can drive this further with not using the poti, but with commands sent from the raspberry.

I apreciate your answer.
I did open it and identified it all. But did not make photos now. The reason is i like to make a video but like to make it a bit better. What we can do is something like this... Are you able to identify the electronic parts inside. and we make the video somehow together.

See here like this...

Adams Videos i like and the chinese understand slowly that even if he say this is not good and so on that its marketing for theem and helps to sell but also for this he get the most new products for testing also if they are noton the market now. I can send you when i prepare and make photos and a litle video you in advance...

Maybee my stupid i dea is this to use the 1000 24-90 during winter time, because i saw a video that is not recomenting the big one for the winter...
in my epever i saw that the small unit will produce in winter more energy and the big one will be not enough to convert. Two panels in winter serial will be enough to convert all the day. But with the 45-90 volts i will reach the minimum level only for maximum 1 hour.

Iwill send you a private message...

my video not good because i am not an expert but reasonable somehow...
(10-01-2017, 04:25 AM)dakoal Wrote: Does anyone got one with wifi function enabled?

I will it try in this way....

parts are cheap

I only have no 9 pin at home... connection to raspberry i will do with socat. So my first step is to learn how to get the data to influx and to MQTT and i will try it than to transfer the knowledge to the GTIL... Thats for the moment the idea.

Yes, I can identify the parts.
Tocan: Ah ok. No idea which one of the groups are the genuine. I have talked to some one there that said was the management before and they told that they would think about adding the controll point of the feed back to the rs232 as well and not just the pot or the display settings
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