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[FREE] Limited Promotion - Receive 5 Free Battery Cells
I have hundred of cells to sell but honestly I do not know a lot about this, and I don't really have a lot of interest in the details.  I merely want to sell the product.  I was asked to test reports on my previous posts but I do not have such information and it would take a ridiculous amount of time for me to test all of the cells that I have based on the quantity that I have available.

So instead I'm hoping to have you do that for me.

The first 5 people who meet the below listed criteria and who send me a private message with subject line reading "I will review your cells.  Please send sample." and in the body of your message include your Name, followed by your Mailing Address followed by a brief outline describing how you meet each of the criteria below.  

I will send you 5 battery cells at no cost to you whatsoever.  I'll even pay for the shipping.

You must meet the following criteria:
- You are active in this community forum.
- You have been registered for at least 6 months.
- You have good reputation among this community forum.
- You have the knowledge, know-how, and equipment necessary to fully analyze and test that cells that you will receive.
- Your mailing address is within the continental United States. (sorry guys I don't want to pay an arm and a leg shipping all over the world)

What I ask of you:

You will receive 5 matching 18650 cells.  Each person may not receive the same type of cells but each person will receive 5 cells of the same type.
You can keep the cells for free to do with as you please at absolutely no cost.  Please do not ask to receive a certain type.  I will prepare the packages so that all of the types that I have available are dispersed evenly.  I can not accommodate individual requests.  It's free!  Take what your given!  I do ask that you do 1 thing:

- Within 3 business days of the date your package is delivered, you must conduct a thorough and exhaustive analysis of each of the individual cells you have received.  You must post your findings as well as your personal review, description of how the package arrived, how long it took to arrive, etc.. and any other information you deem relevant a reply to this forum thread.  Photos would also be great.

Of course I have no way of ensuring that you do anything.  You can just receive the package and throw it in the garbage for all I know.  But I'm giving you a free product and even paying to have it sent to you so I hope that you follow through.


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