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Fixing the AEG CX8-50EB, battery powered vacuum cleaner
(02-09-2019, 12:06 PM)LEDSchlucker Wrote: Maybe you have to connect the new cells before disconnecting the old ones. Sometimes on newer PCB's this is the case, some sort of "safety" feature.

It seems I have fallen foul of the "safety feature" too, while re-populating an AEG 25.2V battery with new cells.

I'm assuming this is why the BMS is now kaput since I can find 25.2V entering the board but not leaving it to power the motor?

Does anyone know a source for a replacement BMS? (the QR code on the PCB gives me nothing).
I can get a generic 7s  BMS on eBay but I think its form-factor is too big to fit into the orange battery-housing.

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