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Fixing the AEG CX8-50EB, battery powered vacuum cleaner
(02-26-2019, 11:24 PM)Oramen Wrote:
(02-26-2019, 06:00 PM)DarkRaven Wrote: You are right, I'm not surprised Smile

The charger isn't actually a charger by the way, it's just a power supply. The charger is built-in, so to say. The necessary charging circuitry is part of the onboard electronics. One PCB in the battery, one in the vacuum itself, and together they provide the functionality of a BMS, a charger, a motor controller, together with the switch on the handle, and a controller for the LEDs.

The power supply is rated for 35V and 0.5A if I remember correctly. There are two problems:
1. Voltage, the whole system might run on 35V, but maybe it won't. You could potentially fry it by applying 35V to it. Just the charging part of the electronics will accept 35V input voltage. It's unlikely that the whole system will be able to run on 35V.
2. Amps/Power, 35V at 0.5A is 17.5W and that's nowhere near enough to actually power the vacuum.

The output voltage of the power supply will just collapse under the load. I've measured the motor (actually motors, there are two), at 22.2V (6s nomimal voltage) it draws around 10A. That's 220W at least. Yours runs on 25.9V nominal and maybe it uses another motor, not sure. It will probably also need more power.

So I guess that covered your questions #1 and #2. The solution to make it corded is indeed a more powerful ~25-30V power supply (7s fully charged is 29.4V) capable of at least 10A. I'd go for 12A, better 15A.

You are right, I want to make my own battery for it, but because of a whole lot of other projects I still never came back to this project to actually do it. I planned to do 6s just like the original battery but I assume that they are all the same and that my one would run on 7s as well. I got the cells for that ages ago but, as I said, never found the time to actually do it. I got some new Sanyo NCR20700B cells, 4.2Ah and capable of 15A. Today I would most likely get some 21700 cells.

You're saying that you have the parts and the cells, what kind of 18650s do you have? Be advised that this won't work with reclaimed laptop cells, they aren't powerful enough. You'd need a lot of them in parallel so that they are able to handle the current.

Hi - really appreciate you taking the time to respond and to give such a full answer.   I think the 'corded' solution will meet my immediate requirement of getting up and going.  So my checklist (taking on-board your input) for the two activities are:

1. Corded-Vacuum: An up-rated power-supply capable of 15A and around 29V (which I would directly connect to the Motor - I assume I would remove the integral PCB?). Some sort of switch.  An in-line fuse?  
I'd been thinking about buying a 'bench power-supply' to begin 'projects', so maybe one of those could serve a dual-purpose here?  Any recommendations? Could I adapt a PC ATX psu and somehow step-up the voltage to 29V?

2. Battery-Project: the Samsung 18650's are new 3000mAh -15A.  I have a 7S 24v 20A BMS and some ***** battery-holders so far.  If you decide to complete your own, do let me know how you got on?

3. Other Future Projects: Battery Welder/Bench Power-supply/Arduino robot.

Thanks again,
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Hello again - I found this power-supply on eBay (its at the top-end of what I can afford and only 10A). It would be ludicrous to buy this just to run a Vacuum I know, but as I said, I could do with a Bench supply for projects etc.  Do you think this looks fit for purpose?


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