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Frank's DIY Powerwall
(06-03-2017, 08:11 PM)fprumbau Wrote: But for now I have a question, what do I have to do to have myself
'certified' :-) , earning this nice star? I  post updates every day or so.

The powerwall must be on production, not just building it. The count is for cells saved and Wh generated.

A star is earned by proving you are using Recycled 18650 cells & testing in the 'accepted' manner. Cells don't nessassarly need to be in service - just saved so to speak Smile 
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OK, thank you,  I'll update my cellcount and will document my progress in building my 'first' device.
I have pv already (SMA) and want to sell less and use more power :-)

( I saw you using SMA, too )

As for the 'accepted' manner, I have 2 Imax B6AC v2 (which I'm using testing and loading the larger modules (as of now only bycicle 7s modules I do not want to take apart) and
two Opus chargers, one Bc-4000 expert. For now, I don't know the path to take, either get other 7s modules coming in a perfect-to-reuse packing of 288wh or / and having my own-build modules (very much looking like yours).

For that I would be interested in using a SMA Sunny-Island (I read in works with your bms, too).

Have to mention I saw some ( a lot ) of Jehu's videos. In one of them he mentioned your project and the ONE fault using the best cells for module one, the next best for module too...  I agree to him, and plan to select my module with 'take the best cell and the worst alternatingly', so the modules will should not different only by a very small margin.

I also was very entertained watching all your bus-bar-videos. I plan to take the 4cellx80cell / 100cell  approach, but plan to use loudspeaker wire, tinned already.
This should be very easy to solder. Furthermore I do not plan to twist it. I hope the exchange of single defect cells will be possible...
And I plan to use the 4x5 cell spacers preferably. I do have 400 single ones already, but I do not like the process of putting them together :-)
Great to see another builder in Germany!!!
Viel spaß mit deinem Projekt!
@The-J-Man Oh, vielen Dank!

For now just spending some money ;-)

Trying to do what everyone else is trying, too. Doing everything as showed - but better :-D
Just decided to go with a SBMS120 from ElectroDacus.

Martin Lorton did an excellent test of the predecessor, SBMS100 here and the SBMS8040 (the one before)

The device is NOT for 48V, it goes with 3s-8s and 12V up to 24V with LiIon, LiFePO4 and UltraCaps. It's build quality is to make a 20years life span feasible.

I am very excited to get my device :-D
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Thank you for pointing me to Electrodacus an his SBMS project. Even if its pretty useless to me (living in an apartment so no solar panels (yet Wink ) ) and I dont understand everything (noob), I somehow like it.

Best wishes for your Powerwall build!

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