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Full-Size Battery Pack Heat Shrinks Are Here!

Keith was able to source gigantic full pack heat shrinks for my 15x20 300p battery packs! This helps tremendously with reducing the amount of exposed metal, reducing accidents, and improving safety. Thanks man!

Full Pack Heat Shrink...
Heat Gun...
Battery Hookup - 18650 Cells...
^ Use coupon code "powerwalls" for 10% off!
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I can't help thinking this is going in the wrong direction ... For some reason all types of heat-shrink is very expensive ...

I see from you photos you are using second use cells , which means after perhaps a few years (depending on use ) either the pack will be scrapped or some sort of maintenance will be necessary , requiring removing the heat shrink.

Adding more expense makes no sense ...

The way forward must be to remove costs ... particularly the black cell holders , and soldering (spot weld instead ) ....

Heat shrink also not good in extremely hot climates , or very high power drains , it will stop cooling of the cells .
To answer a few questions
- The cells are grouped by brand and are mostly of the same age, so there should be no real maintenance. This is a valid concern considering the cost of the shrinks, though nobody knows how long this sort of thing will last. I would be happy to let you know 5 years from now!
- Black cell holders already cost pennies, how cheap are you looking to get them?
- I am spot welding cells. I stopped soldering long ago. The packs shown in the video are spot-welded.
- I don't live in an extremely hot climate. Solar power storage is generally not "high drain". In my setup, the cells never see above 0.2A. There should be no heat whatsoever being generated, so cooling is not an issue either.

Obviously this is not the right choice for everyone. You need to decide based on your design, cell quality, and use cases.
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