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German Powerwall 280xLG 18650MJ1 7s40p+ 450Wp Balcony PV System and a small question
No, I meant 200A, as I was using that as a huge example Wink Altho, now that I do the math (must of fumbled someone earlier on the calc), 200A would be 5A/cell, no good.

If the max amps you will pull is 30A, then 30 / 40 = 750mA/cell

"IF" there are any variances in the chemical reactions, they are probably very negligible, if any at all. Again, we're talking about using very very low amps per cell.

With high frequency cross current, I think it's likened to water hammering. This is caused when large draw on water is happening, then it's stopped suddenly. This can cause pipes that either have trapped air, or loose pipes, to rattle and shutter. However, if you turn the water off slowly, this doesn't happen. This is sorta, but not entirely, similar to what we have here.

As long as the current is low, there shouldn't be any "shuttering" across the cells. If there were, I'm sure someone here on the forum would have found it by now. There are many EE's here, and several have done extensive tests. Also, there are many high system level amp draw setups as well. Pete (HBPowerwall) can pull over 100A continuously, and I think he's even hit the 200A mark at one time. Daromer also has a large setup, as do many others here that draw high currents. No one that I'm aware of have had any failures due to different cell types (other than mixing LiCo with LiFePO4, or other major chemical differences).
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RE: German Powerwall 280xLG 18650MJ1 7s40p+ 450Wp Balcony PV System and a small question - by Korishan - 04-04-2019, 08:18 PM

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