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Gigabyte RX580 4GB Hynix Modded Bios 29.5MH/s
I'm posting a copy of my modified bios for the Gigabyte RX580 4GB Hynix graphics card. The BIOS includes the memory strap updates and the TDP was raised from 106w to 145w to match practically all other RX580 cards. I'm using it to mine ETC and am getting hash rates of 29.5MH/s. The clocks need to be set in the Claymore command line (or similar utility).

Card: Gigabyte RX580 4GB Hynix
GPU Clock: 1100MHz
Memory Clock: 2055MHz
ETC Mine Rate: 29.5MH/s

Use at your own risk and always back up your stock bios first! ;-)

Attached Files
.rom   Gigabite.RX580.4GB.Hynix.mod.rom (Size: 512 KB / Downloads: 113)
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