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Glad to find this site
Glenn here... 

I live on 20 acres off the grid.  Been like this since the 90s.  I have diesel and solar panels.  I got over 2ars from a nice set of 24 - telephone batteries.  They were 2 volt at 1180 amps each. I shallow cycled them.  I first had 4 - 12v batteries wired in parallel to a 2000w Trace inverter.  Now, I have a 3500w 24v outback pure sinewave and used forklift batteries.  The forklift batteries are not pretty like the clear cased telephone batteries, but they are affordable.   I have eight 165 Matrix solar panels and just added four 195 watt panels.  A TriMetric battery meter gives me the vitals.

I recently got a OneWheel.  It is powered by a 16 cell, LifePO4 battery.  I would like to be able to charge it up out and away so, I got a MPT-7210A MPPT solar charger.  It will deliver about 80 watts from the car battery.  I want to build either a 36v or 48v LfePO4 battery to power the solar charger.  I was thinking of using 32650 5.5ah batteries.  A 36v battery would give me one healthy charge and never come close to full discharge.  This way, I could take a battery and solar charger in a backpack if needed trail riding.


Small Solar panel on backpack will be too small current and too slow to charge up your Onewheel... you have to be direct sunlight in order to get max energy.
The battery would work but then its just easier to hook the battery in paralell with existing pack. Or with a DC/DC for charging.

Solar on your backpack wont be even close to enough to power the device but yes it could charge some % if you leave it in direct sunlight for hours or days Smile

Nota that a 250W panels is like 1,6meter*1meter big and those only give you perhaps 100-150W avg unless direct sunlight
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