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Glubux's Powerwall
First of all... compliments for your setup!

Like you I want to install the Victron components with my DIY power wall. I already have a venus GX up and running. It's connected to an EM24 meter so I can see what's imported/exported to the grid. Also the Venus GX does communicate with my SolarEdge SE10K inverter via Modbus TCP so I can see the production of my solar panels. The next step is to add a Multiplus or Quattro.

Did you do the installation of the Quattro yourself or was it done by an installer? I've done my SolarEdge installation myself but the Victron seems to be a bit more advanced...

I did the installation, it was pretty simple partly because I'm offgrid so I'm not using all the features of the Quattro. The only thing I had to deal with was the neutral/grounding setup in order to have my EVSE working but Victron thought about this and it is just a relay to activate in the configuration menu.

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