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Glubux's Powerwall
Don't just give your old battery's away for free :-)
Sean Wrote:Don't just give your old battery's away for free :-)
They're not exactly mine, I borrowed them from work from an old lift fork out of order, I think i'll put them back once my powerwall is big enough.
That's the neatest I've seen those balancers layed out. Was considering using them but making a whole wiring harness for them and having them remotely located to keep things tidy. But that would be one hell of a job I thinks.. Pete
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Noticed you guys using those little green and white backed meters for voltage.
Ive tried them (as has Pete) and found them to be, less than sterling.
Low end voltage cut off is too high. Accuracy at each end of range gets wiggy.

Ive used these : <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... EBIDX%3AIT</a><!-- m -->
(sorry not a commercial ad, just for reference)

And found the Green and Red meters go all the way down to 2.49v but the blue only do about 2.6-2.7v
They have a pot screw on the back, so you can hook them all up to the same voltage source and calibrate them.
The voltage is inline with what most multimeters read.

Lastly, you can actually get cheap multimeters for around $5 that you can jerry rig into 9v of lithium and run your banks with those.

kind regards
hbpowerwall Wrote:That's the neatest I've seen those balancers layed out. Was considering using them but making a whole wiring harness for them and having them remotely located to keep things tidy. But that would be one hell of a job I thinks.. Pete

Thanks Pete, it's really complicated to make a neat wiring with those balancers, I'm not happy with it, i'll find better solution next time. Though it works pretty well.

BTW 3nergE, it doesn't show on the picture but my voltmeter are yellow one, they fade around 2v and have the pot screw behind Wink
Here is an update about my new packs, I decided to go "big" to avoid having too much parallel 7S strings to reach 20 kwh,
So instead of 80 cells 100Ah packs, I decided to double the number of cells and raise the cutoff to 1500mah per cell instead of 1200mah.
This should give me around 250 Ah per packs and around 20 kwh with 3x7S strings.

I decided to fuse both side for extra safety and also to avoid overheating the cells while soldering, which works really well. The drawback is if you accidentally turn a cell while you grab the pack, you might broke a fuse.

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Hi Glubux,

it is really amasing work you've done! Respect!

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Thank you!
Nice work there m8!
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Very nice work! I guess I no longer have the largest packs now (120 cells) Big Grin What are the empty spaces for? Is the idea to insert additional cells if the packs are out of balance or to easily replace bad cells?
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