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Gokart battery

Is there a pre made template for 14s (48v) packs? Figure the battery can give in a ammo can and use 4x5 holders but space is wasted it seems to me.


Edit... maybe 2x 7s with 2bms
in process.... 7s120p just very slow.
How do you mean premade template? As in the wiring diagram? If so, there are loads of examples of a 14s setup. Daromer even has a video on the subject
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What do you expect in terms of premade template? There are as many 14s battery designs as there are use cases for 14s batteries. You build a battery according to your specific needs. You know you need 14s, you find out how many parallel cells you need for runtime and/or load and then you find a suitable case if it's supposed to be mobile.
Semi like a 4x5 cell holders but with strips etc. or a diy hard case for ebike.
in process.... 7s120p just very slow.
I see, but no, there isn't anything like that. The connection scheme for cells of a battery is always the same. It always follows the same principle and the principle scales up to any voltage/capacity you want. The way cells are assembled to make a battery inherently makes templates unnecessary because it is always the same and you adjust the size and shape according to your individual needs.

There are decisions to be made, like spotwelding or soldering, cell holders or glue, this or that busbar design and so on. But these are your decisions based your individual requirements. A template would not offer any benefit 99% of the time.
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I doubt you will be happy with the amount of AH for 48 volts that you can fit in an Ammo can.
Guessing like this offset packing in the link below.

Guess I can follow the example and build away.
in process.... 7s120p just very slow.
-There are different configurations of the 4x5 interlocking plastic holders that many of us use, including 1x1, 2x1, 3x1, 4x10, etc. They snap together, so you can build your pack from there. Price on those are generally $.10-.15/cell.

-The largest ammo box I found on Luna Cycle can fit 4 shark packs. That's theoretically 2.8 kWh capacity. Depending on what you have, you might want to simply build your own.

-I haven't looked into the offset config like you linked to, but I'm fairly certain that I've seen them specifically marketed to e-bikes/scooters/other mobile applications. Price on those are most assuredly going to be a bit more than your standard 4x5.

-What wattage are you planning? That will drive your busbar and fuse wire/metal strip selection. Here's a link to ampacity of metal strips, for reference.

-I'd love to see the motor and controller you've selected/are planning. I have a kart that I'm considering elektrifying.
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When you say template, are you asking about how to arrange the 18650's to fit in a "standard" battery space ?

I am starting to look at the possibilities for a 24v scooter and stacked some cells next to the (2*12v) batteries to be replaced to get how many cells I can fit into the available physical space.

It looks like 10 cells will fit in the "length" of this (2*12V) battery pack, and 9 cells would be in the next row if stacked without using holders. That way, the height works out to staggered 4 rows... so in this space I can have 8 rows of 9 to 10 cells to work with.

Planning to maximize the number of cells in Parallell and have 7 strings in Series for my scooter.

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