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Golden Camping Battery
My first project. I started this project in June of 2017 and have been building it when I had time. I didn't know anything about batteries when I started this I watched lot of HBpowewalls videos. 
I started to catcher laptop battery's from friends and everybody I know only got couple from them, built a small battery to start with (200Wh) it was hold together with duct-tape. 
I built crappy panel that had couple USB ports on it. Next year after christmas I got about 50 laptop battery's from school. Took those apart and tested them I built bigger battery (550Wh) now I had learned about cell holders and used them this time.

Took a break for about 2 months. Then I had my first small accident I dropped balance lead on top of the battery and it shorted. Wire burned plastic of it and snapped itself.

I started working on a new cover plate for the box. Had some hard time cutting holes to the wood but succeeded rewired all of it and made it lot cleaner.
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