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Greetings from England
Hi All,

Just thought I'd say hello. I'm currently breaking and selling nissan leafs modules and just thought I'd put this out there as know the modules are used alot for storage systems.

I always have a steady flow of these so should get put to good use on storage solutions here in the UK.


Hi any pics and prices

Will do pics and prices when in tonight.

Tried in the selling marketplace but forgot pictues so wasn't accepted but will redo like said when in.


Do you have leafspy or diagnostic data showing cell voltages and miles/state of health/ QC data of the pack prior to removal or disassembly ?

How are you capacity testing them ?
Hi I don't have the leaf spy from any of the packs but modules have been capacity checked.

The method these have been checked are by charging them to 4.15v from 3.2v then back down to 3.2v. All done at 30A.

The gen 1 cells are at 49Ah rated (max 60Ah)
The gen 2 are 64Ah rated (max 66Ah)

I am happy for any tests on modules to happen while I am present to ensure buyer is happy before exchange of funds takes place. I can't say fairer than that.
I have not had a module returned yet.

What equipment are you using to capacity test ?

Make/model please.
Regatron TC.GSS unit think but Will check in morning for exact model

(02-17-2019, 10:45 PM)Leafnut Wrote: Regatron TC.GSS 

I will be impressed if you do have one of those - the last time I used one of those was in a multi million pound laboratory.
I dont own one its what the capacity checks are done on the modules for a small fee locally.
This way can get consistant checks on leaf modules.
Pm me your number and can send pictures as proof.
You can post it, that's not a problem  Smile
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