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Greetings from Poland
Hi all
Just joined

Planning to build a 5kWh batterywall with following configuration:

Used solar cells
18650 form used laptop abd electric bike/scooter packs
hybrid inverter
plan to run a 14s setup

trying to figure how much solar will need to maintain in winter still.
Hej Gwizmo !
Greets from PL as well.
I'm plannig to build an 5kWh 7S setup, for mobile apliances.

Good luck with your build !
Spot Welder - Mactronic V3.3
Battery - ~7S1P 60Ah SAMSUNG SDI prismatic cell - I'm looking for more info about them  Huh
BMS - bluetooth 1A active balancing
Inverter - 3kW AIMS  pure sine
Solar - considering addding 220W with MPPT Make Sky Blue 30A
Set up for mobile gastronomy 2kW cooling compressor + 500W appliancies

Hi Gwizmo and Issac as well Smile

I'm planning on a similar setup as you Issac, 7s configuration and starting with around 2kWh.
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