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Hello From Westbrook, Maine
(02-12-2019, 06:16 AM)iscience Wrote: I like your setup.
How long have you been using the MakeSkyBlue chargers, and have you had any issues with them?
I want to use one but I'm worried about my BMS disconnecting (and possibly reconnecting) my battery while it's still getting solar input, if any cells become over-charged/discharged, I don't suppose you've tried it?


I have been using the MakeSkyBlue MPPT controllers since ~ July 2018. I do to some extent like them and will continue to use them for a while.
I did have a problem with one of them where the mosfets blew up and it was difficult to get a "warranty replacement". but after I bought another one from a different vendor and a $40.00 replacement motherboard from the original vendor, the original vendor promised to send me a free replacement unit with the new firmware etc, I haven't seen it yet. In the final analysis I replaced the mosfets on the blow up one and now have 2 spares. If I ever get the promised one I'll have 3 spares. Dodgy

All in all they work OK the do very well with MPPT tracking and are pretty quick to respond. Programing is relatively easy once you get to know how it all works and it is a set it and forget it scenario. There is no wifi or data output, other than the screen, so you have to monitor them differently or manually. I have noticed that the voltages are off a little between units and that they will go into float mode (I have them set up for my Lead Acids) at different times even though they are all set up the same. I think the discrepancy in Voltage sensing and the lack of them being able to communicate with each other causes that. On one of them the fan has become noisy during cold startup but I will replace it with a better fan in the future. Eh you get what you pay for. Do be aware of "fakes" watch out for firmware versions as some of them claim the newest but it is just a hacked version of the latest with a newer version number hacked into it.
When I go for my 18650 powerwall I will definitely look for a better and single MPPT solution. As I have 3000 Watts of solar panels and in the summer they produce almost 50A I will probably find a 80A MPPT solution.

As far as the BMS uncoupling the batteries from the MPPT I don't know why it would as that should be programmable as an overvoltage and overcharge safety net. The MakeSkyBlue has a Li setup and you can set the top voltage with it. The system basically goes into standby when the voltage you have set it for is reached. The controller just won't allow anymore current to flow. So the BMS should really never come into play as you would have the MPPT set for example in a Nominal 48V system to 56V and the BMS over voltage protection at 58V. Believe me I have seen my Voltage on my panels hit over 100V and nothing gets to my batteries because they are full. This happens pretty quickly on a very sunny day and I am frustrated that I am wasting all this solar juice hence I want to build a powerwall to absorb all that wasted energy.

Hope this helps
If 18 X 650 = 2200+mAh then we have power! 
May all your Cells have an IR of 60mΩ or below Smile
Last count as of 2/16/2019
Total Number of Cells           2290
Cells  >80% of Capacity        1555
Cells <79% of Capacity         713
Cells >2200mAh & ≥ 80%     1129
Google Drive for info
Not your average Wolf       


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