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Hello everybody from Italy
Hi everyone here,

my name is Simone and l work on batteries since more of a decade. Nice to find here lot of batteries "nerds" as l am Big Grin.

l started a company mainly focused on batteries maintenence, assembling and projecting; we work on any kind of batteries, from lead acid to li-ion/lifepo4 and many others chemistry.
Actually we have a lot of 18650 cells harvested from e-bike/e-scooter very useful for powerwall projects.
We are equipped with a professional spot welder so if anybody needs to assemble battery packs with separators and nickel strips we can offer this service.
Moreover we have industrial Lead acid batteries tested and warranted vey useful for big storage systems if you don't have space and weight problems.
Feel free to contact me for any battery problem or doubt.

Best regards to everybody.
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