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Hello everyone,, i m new to this forum...
Hello everyone,,
I've finally got the ball rolling on my own power wall, although it's based in a commercial UPS rack so power rack is more suiting.

So far:
5kw PV setup with Micro inverters
Solax Hybrid 100amp inverter/charger for integration of the power rack to house supply.

400-500 18650 cells so far. Ave Capacity of 2500mah
Safety is important on this install I am double fusing cells, a shunt trip for BMS and another for environmental monitoring, rack earth bonding, cell cooling and room ventilation are all planned.
Looking for other Kiwis and places to get cells from :-)
Nice! Welcome to the forum and hope to see pictures soon Smile

Several are using the rack style mounting. AveRageJoe is one of the more popular ones here. I plan on something similar as well. Makes it easier to work "around" the battery and keep everything tidy, imho.
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Double fusing isn't likely to help much & is not a small amount of extra effort.
Cell cooling also isn't a thing unless the location gets temps over about 35degC regularly, then a small air conditioner might be needed.
Super cold ie < 0degC = insulation + a small heater.
Cable sizing & protection from sharp metal edges are things to consider carefully as well.
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Hey. I'm new here. I want to learn a lot of useful things for me.
(05-22-2019, 11:22 AM)Richard Spenser Wrote: Hey. I'm new here. I want to learn a lot of useful things for me.

A good start is the FAQ section:
(it's a bit further down the front page)
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)

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