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Hello from Los Gatos, California, USA
Hello everybody!

I found this site from watching some of HBPowerwall's YouTube videos.  Living in the Santa Cruz Mountains between San Jose and Santa Cruz, California for a dozen years or so, I've found that we lose power from the grid more often and for longer than I care for, especially in the winter.  A previous owner of our house had purchased a gasoline generator for which provision was made to power the whole house (up to circa 4KW) after disconnecting the house from the grid at the circuit breaker box.  As yet, I've not availed myself of this method as it requires that the generator be located too close to the house, which wouldn't be safe from an exhaust fume stand point.

I've decided to fabricate a power wall-like device that I'd use much like the generator.  It would be kept plugged into the grid for charging the batteries, but the inverter would not be connected to the house at this time.   In the event of a power failure, I'd disconnect the house from the grid, unplug the charger from the wall, and plug the inverter to the wall instead.  I've already constructed external lead acid batteries for a large computer UPS that maintains my DVR, cable, and C-band satellite television system, so we don't lose any programming.  I also plug the refrigerator into this UPS.  A whole house system would be more useful, and allow the lights and hot water heater (propane powered, but needs power to turn on) to be used.  If large enough the powerwall could even allow use of the propane furnace in the winter.

Anyway, that's why I'm here.  I'm collecting 18650 batteries, and planning my system at present.  I've built a few battery modules using 18650s for other purposes, so I've got a good feel for the big project.

When not planning the powerwall, I work during the day as an EE at a power semiconductor company in San Jose, while at night, my wife and I play trumpet in various local SF Bay area symphony orchestras.  

I look forward to learning from everybody else's mistakes, so any of my own mistakes will be unique and spectacular!!!  Cool
(08-09-2018, 10:20 AM)gregoinc Wrote: Welcome!

Thanx greg!
he's a good kid Smile welcome!
Arrow Opus Dischargers - Definitely my choice pick for dischargers
Welcome in the club and good luck with your project!!!
There is an urgent need to stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, dramatically reduce wasted energy, and significantly shift our power supplies from oil, coal, and natural gas to wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable energy sources. 

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