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Hello from New Zealand
Interested in starting my own Power wall and really still a big newbie.
Researching and learning as much as I can.

Started collecting batteries but its painfully slow.

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(09-15-2017, 05:15 AM)ivnz Wrote: Started collecting batteries but its painfully slow.

Greetings ivnz.

Are you in Palmerston North?

BrettWatty is probably pinching all dem batteries up there.
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In The Morning !
Hi I am.

Im sure he does Smile
I have given up looking to be honest. Also had some other priorities that filled the "I have to have more" need for now.

how unfortunate you're in an area short of cells/packs... down here in the hutt i had a chat with the bloke at the recycling centre and he says all kinds of people come and buy them although they don't sell as much as they have so the boxes are huge, $2 per laptop battery seems somewhat fair in NZD
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Awesome, might be worth a drive down there. The grumpy old man at my recycling yard gave me a very stern "We dont sell to the public" response.

I am a bit concerned that DCKiwi has seen this post Smile
lol ivnz ... dont panic!

i buy my by the metric ton now -- almost literally.  it is more supply than i can handle .. and ive been taking 60 batteries per week for many months now.  they have lots (!)

am happy to share the source with you, or any other ---> ( forum members only ) <--- exclusive offer. ooooo

i cant publish price because its so good.

pickup only no shipping (dont ask).  i do travel north island though..

i respond promptly to PM's.  share the love ... we have a huge mountain of waste batteries to recycle in NZ ... which wont go away without a lot of help ... *g*
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In The Morning !

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