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Hello from Poland
Hello all,

I am really interested in EV, batteries and solar and I would like to start some projects.

I am renting a flat in Warsaw at the moment so I know it is not ideal but I want to start something : solar panels on the window sill + small battery for USB 5V output (few raspberry pi, charging smartphones and powerbanks....).

Happy to join the community Smile
Welcome, I believe a few here do a similar thing with panels in the windows and on the balcony -
If you'd like to support the forum please feel free to use my affiliate links to purchase all kinds of stuff for your projects 
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Zawsze milo zobaczyc kogos z Polski. Zycze dobrej zabawy i mam nadzieje ze znajdziesz tutaj to czego szukasz. pozdrawiam

Well hello,
Its always nice to have a Polish guy around, i hope you find what you are looking for.
(no translator used, sorry if i made a translation error)

With best regards Igora
Still learning English. Learning Li ion and solar technology.

1400 cells in packs Exclamation above 2500mah and 90%soh.
~400 cells between 1800-2500 and above 90%soh(sell?)
600 cells between 2200 - 3000mah, 80-90%soh (sell?)
2600 waiting for testing.
approx: 500 cells not safe for use: dead, heaters, to high ir or sd

Time is our enemy, must work to, the sun is our friend, must relax to.
With best regards
Actually I am french but live in Poland Smile

I am learning a lot through the forum and youtube.

I have now 2x40W panels (The maximum I found to fit my window) and 3s2p from an old laptop. It works but did not see good sunny day yet.

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