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Hello from Sunny Far North QLD
Good morning, 

I've just joined the forum and live in Mareeba QLD, up near Cairns.  I've been big into E-Bikes for ages, building my own packs, and packs for others.  I've got a 5KW solar system on the roof, with a 48V 450Ah battery bank connected using re-cycled cells from a de-commissioned Commercial UPS setup.

I look forward to reading about some of the projects in this forum.

Shot the ‘Backroads’ show at your market! Want to move there!
(12-06-2018, 12:11 AM)camthecam Wrote: Shot the ‘Backroads’ show at your market! Want to move there!

Yeah it's a lovely place, much nicer weather than Cairns minimal humidity, cool breezes.


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