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Hello from Sweden
Looking for information for building my first rig  Smile and found this forum
Heres loads of reading for me
Welcome! Another Swede Wink
The Ultimate DIY Solar and build place
YouTube / Forum system setup / My webpage  Diy Tech & Repairs

Current: 10kW Mpp Hybrid | 4kW PIP4048 | 2x PCM60x | 83kWh LiFePo4 | 10kWh 14s 18650 |  66*260W Poly
Upcoming: 14S 18650~30kWh | Automatic trip breakers, and alot more

You will definitely find lots of very usefully and informative posts here.
UK Southwest.

7 kWp Solar Panels
14 X APS YC500i Micro Inverters.
Still sourcing and processing cells for powerwall.
Planning on a Sofar Mass Energy ME3000SP AC coupled grid tied inverter.

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