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Hello from Tulear, Madagascar
I am in Tulear Madagascar, an island in the Indian Ocean at about the same latitude as Australia.
I have 24 x 100W panels on a single axis solar tracking system connected to a 2000W grid tie inverter. This setup heats my hot water and runs my aircon for free during the day.  On a good day, I produce 16Kwh.
I want to build a powerwall so I can eliminate my mains consumption overnight.
There has been a recent spate of people burning their houses down, so need to research safety first before building.
Since Australia and Madagascar have similar climates, I hope to meet people here facing similar challenges to myself.
Welcome. Yeah fire is a bad deal for a house. Plenty of people from Aussie here, so you're covered there Wink
Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
Knowledge is Power; Absolute Knowledge is Absolutely Shocking!
Certified 18650 Cell Reclamation Technician

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Welcome to the forum.
You will definitely get answers to your questions here.
UK Southwest.

7 kWp Solar Panels (28 x 250Wp Shinetime Mono).
14 X APS YC500i Micro Inverters.
Still sourcing and processing cells for powerwall.
Planning on a Sofar Mass Energy ME3000SP AC coupled grid tied inverter.

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