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Hello from germany, my 14s100p Powerwall with 15kWh
Hello everybody,

this is my version of a 15kWh diy powerwall made from used 18650 cells.
Its a 14s100p system each pack has 300Ah. As inverter I use a FSP Solar Powermanger Hybrid 10kw, its the same like the infini hybrid. The BMS is a Batrium with a Watchmon 4 and 14 Longmons, it works fine.

my test station

all the cells, nearly 2500

first sorting

16sqmm copper busbars and 0,02mm fuse wire

all the finished packs with xt90 connectors

the complete system

100A battery fuse

the power distributor
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Hello from germany, my 14s100p Powerwall with 15kWh - by jaeger-audiodesign - 04-09-2019, 06:59 AM

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