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Hello from the Blue Ridge Mountains
I have virtually no experience when it comes to diy electronics but some understanding about how things work. I'm an airline pilot so that's a bad thing because we think we can do anything. I have to admit I feel like I'm in over my head on building a powerwall nonetheless I am now obsessed with the idea and can't stop thinking about the possibilities. Thanks to all who have contributed here and on YouTube, hopefully I too can build a nice powerwall.
Welcome! Keep on reading, asking, and watching. I've learned a lot from this forum and the related videos over the past couple years. (wow, it's been that long already). We have quite a wealth of knowledgeable folk here that are willing to help out.

Please read the FAQ as it'll answer a lot of the basics (if you haven't already).

As far as the pilot portion goes, what do you fly?
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Hi, I'm new too!

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