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Help Solving a Problem
Don't you just put the aircon on auto set a temp say 24 then set and forget?
Your requirements for temperature rate of change/ratio of in/out change make the off the shelf selection option very short and expensive.

Beyond a basic on/off thermostat... ESP unit with NodeMCU, 1-wire DS18B20 for the sensor and an IR LED for transmitting. This might help a bit...

Simpler is what raccooon has done with the Pi as debugging the ESP units can be a real pain. Use the 1-Wire file system and an off the shelf USB IR TX/RX unit.
I've done some digging and the ESP looks interesting, and appears to be lots of info regarding temperature sensors and infrared transmitters. Longer term it will most likely be the solution, or I will dig out my Pi and have a go at using that.

Short term I remain focused on a more 'analog' solution, so will cobble together a few bits and will provide updates.

Re ESP it appears ESPeasy supports a number of ESP boards, do any of you have a favorite ESP board?
I am using lots of d1 mini!
(12-05-2018, 05:06 AM)Charly144 Wrote: I am using lots of d1 mini!

Thanks. Noob question... would the d1 support IR and temp sensors?

I will do some digging to see if there's any AC control projects out there using the d1.

Also, is there a way to use an ESP if you dont have a wireless network?
Ir and temp yes. Just explore espeasy as a firmwate...

Ethernet no. Only esp32 has ethernet on board but i have never tested that.

With ethernet you should go for arduino

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(12-02-2018, 10:50 PM)gregoinc Wrote: Hi Folks,

Wasn't sure where to post so I am posting in here.

My problem... Turning on my split system air conditioning unit via infrared (like you would using the manufacturer supplied remote control) with input from outdoor (and indoor if needed) temperature readings/sensors. 

Here's the scenario... My home data center / man cave has a wall mounted Daikin split system. I want the split system to activate based upon temperature differences between the inside and outside. 

For example, if the temp outside is 20 degrees celcius, but the temperature inside rises due to heat generated by the equipment in the data center / man cave room the air conditioner receives an infrared signal to turn on.

Another scenario... The temperature outside is going up, and the temperature inside is going up, the air conditioner receives an infrared signal to turn on.

Of course the scenarios need to reverse... if the temperature starts going down the air conditioner receives an infrared signal to turn off.

Right now I have only looked at a handful of ideas, so treat this as a clean slate requirement in need of a solution. The solution needs to be as simple as possible, with minimal complexity and low chance of failing - which would be bad.

So far I've looked at rs485 temperature sensors and infrared senders, but nothing has come from it. I also looked at this Differential Temp Sensor but not sure if it's worth going futher? 

That's it... over to you amazingly smart folk... looking for some awesome ideas!!!!
You can purchase a smart WiFi programmable thermostat that has a 2 wire input for an outdoor thermocouple. They are made for heat pumps so you can set a differential temp, maximum and minimum indoor, Rate of change (does not wait for high SP if outdoor thermocouple is rising faster than N/min)  With the WiFi your phone or laptop or those externally through your internet connection you can access all the functions and programing of the thermostat.  I have my boiler for heat and hot water and my central AC hooked up to the one thermostat and I can log in with the provided app from anywhere to turn the AC on before I return home. With my phone I can turn up/down the AC/heat from my bed.
(12-07-2018, 12:53 AM)Solexx X Wrote: You can purchase a smart WiFi programmable thermostat that has a 2 wire input for an outdoor thermocouple.

Thanks Solexx, that is an awesome suggestion, and way cheaper than the differential temperature controller I was looking at purchasing. Thank you for the tip mate Smile

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