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Help picking solar controller
I'm building a smaller portable pack (450wh) and I need a small solar charge controller. Here is what I am looking at. One critical point is that it must be RF quiet for radio communication equipment.

Victron 100/15 Smart MPPT $137 amazon prime

Genasun GV-10 $135 + shipping

This is for a 37ah 4s10p lifepo4 portable going into a harbor freight pelican knockoff (the middle sized case). Output: 12vdc and 5v USB. Input: 12vdc automobile, 120v external charger and solar.

So which solar controller?
Good Q.

Regarding your main concern I cant answer.
The victron have Bluetooth if that is something you need? The other one have pretty darn good self consumption for sure!

Both will most likely work depending on what type of solar panel you are going to use?

Dont forget a BMS to protect the battery and keep that in good working order.
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bluetooth isn't really important. Just interesting. I have that same controller that I linked in a different portable project and I really like it. But that is my only experience with mppt controllers. Tried a couple pwm and I'll just spend the $$$ on a good one. Even if the economics don't make sense I'm not doing this for economics.

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