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Hi From Adelaide South Australia

Been having fun for many years with electronics and built my first ebike about a year ago, from old parts I had in the shed and a second hand motor from an auction site.

Built the battery and about to build a better one when I found this site.

I have just pickup up 10 190w solar panels as I needed a replacement inverter for my current system.

So what to do with them, our laws prohibit the use as they are more then 12 months old so my plan was to build an off grid system for my shed, that is when I found this site.

Next is to get some 18650, well I work for a school, so I have access to a lot of old laptop battery's that would normally go to recycling company. 

I am in the process of striping the packs, so fare I have about 1500 around the 2600 - 3100 range and 1000 around the 1800 - 2400.  I have built a 48 cell battery charger, however I only have a 4 cell tester, so this is the slow part.

I have also 2 HP RT3000 UPS server grade pure sine inverters, but, they are 120v battery string, so Not sure if I can use them.

Hopping to now start my project.

Thanks for reading Smile 

Welcome mate!

(06-09-2019, 03:51 AM)TroyD Wrote: [...] our laws prohibit the use as they are more then 12 months old...

What's that about?  Does it apply to the panels?  The inverter?  Or just when applying for subsidies?
(06-09-2019, 03:51 AM)TroyD Wrote: [...] I only have a 4 cell tester, so this is the slow part.

What I would do is: get 5 testers in total (ie. capacity to test 20 cells in parallel) and place them in a secure place, ideally a non-flammable location not connected to the house.
Harvest the packs on the weekends or whenever, and put them in a "to-be-tested" box.
Start a test (with 20 cells) in the morning before leaving for work/school, and again before going to bed.  _Everyday_.  That's 40 cells tested per day => 280 cell per week => 1200 cells per month.  You'll likely have trouble keeping the to-be-tested box filled.
Modular PowerShelf using 3D printed packs.  30kWh and growing.

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