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Hi from Australia
Just starting in DIY powerwall .
Looking for all the information i can.

My story is I have 5kw solar system connected to the grid and getting paid 44c ( Aud ) for any grid input , if i change the system at all i will loose the 44c and go down to 9c.

I am going to build a off grid system so as not to loose the 44c.
My plan is 14s 80p pack.
Solar panels ( Have not yet decided how many )
With this style inverter
( had to remove link first post )

I will use it to power a few plug in loads and it wont be connected to the house main.
I also thought i have a genset plug at the main ( for cyclone season ) if i loose power i could plug into it.

So I will be in the other threads asking lots of stupid questions
Make sure it really is offgrid, know many that have lost more than they gained
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