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Hi from Poland (Victron / DIY BMS / 7S15P)
Hi everyone, 

Well im a french guy living in Poland and i came here because i'm slowly 
(gathering dead battery is a turtle work) building a powerwall for my 
little flat needs. The idea here is for the fun of learning, the thrive 
of charging stuff with solar and having tons of graphs on grafana ! Smile

I will be using a :
   - 200W flexible solar panels
   - Victron MPPT smartsolar 75/15 (coz with, i can send all that to lovely grafana)
   - DIY BMS from stuart idea (probably running colin's code)
   - 7S/15P ~ 30Ah (providing i keep finding good cells ofc)

My load need are very small for now (i just got a flat with plenty of esp32 sensoring and watering my plants)
    - No inverter
    - Charge my phones daily (2*10W*3H/day) (directly via USB using a dc-to-dc converter) 
    - Two 24V LED light for each side of the bed (2*7W*3H/day) (directly taken from the battery)
    - charging 18650 cells via tp4056 chip for my standalone esp32 batteries

So yeap, i'm glad to be here and i will definitely use this forum to learn a lot and also share my findings Wink


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