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Hi from Sweden
I am very interested into batteries, generators and solarpanels. So I'm here to learn
The Ultimate DIY Solar and build place
YouTube / Forum system setup / My webpage  Diy Tech & Repairs

Current: 10kW Mpp Hybrid | 4kW PIP4048 | 2x PCM60x | 83kWh LiFePo4 | 10kWh 14s 18650 |  66*260W Poly
Upcoming: 14S 18650~30kWh | Automatic trip breakers, and alot more
Hi and welcome to the forum.
UK Southwest.

7 kWp Solar Panels (28 x 250Wp Shinetime Mono).
14 X APS YC500i Micro Inverters.
Still sourcing and processing cells for powerwall.
Planning on a Sofar Mass Energy ME3000SP AC coupled grid tied inverter.
Your found a great place to share & learn, welcome
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