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Hi there
Just passing by to say Hi... God Bless you all.

I'm Javier Camacho from Puerto Rico
Hi, and welcome to the forum!
Welcome Javier, I have seen many of your videos and have noticed the many projects with the aim of helping those
with out power on the island. Great job!. I got into a DIY solar system after going into darkness several times and losing two generators. I started out a 5 kw of solar panels and using 20kw of sealed 6v AGM's in a 48v system. In August of 2018. Saw many video's using lithium batteries including your video's. So in Dec 2018 I migrated to nissan leaf modules, 49 of them from a salvaged nissan leaf. Expensive, but so were the Rolls 415 AGM (Miss guided by the many know it all).
So now i have three times the capacity at roughly the same cost. I have spend the last 2 months fine tuning thanks to Batrium watchmon4 and now i will be slowly building some more safety into it. I choose the leaf battery only out of simplicity. It was easier to build a 49 module battery then putting together many 18650's. Again Welcome to SLS. We are here in San Sebastain and you would be always welcome with some real coffee from Lares!

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