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Hold my beer!
Ok so i am new to this and getting into solar is been a dream for a while. Now that i have some decent panels and a few other things i am starting to do this... ugh... I am located in the states ( louisiana ). Just saying hi and hopefully get to know a few of you guys down the road...

later floyd
Thank you!!!!
welcome bud - your a good part of the world to get cells good luck with your project
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Yeah.. but, I keep buying the wrong stuff lol... got 9 helios 305 watt panels (got a great deal on) and i have aims 2000w and aims 100amp solar controller for off grid. Just bought a SMA Sunny Boy 8000US and my voltage isnt high enough from my panels... Thinking i need some HELP!!!
PV start of 365V is high but the 9 panels in series under sun should get close or above that with little load when the inverter is starting up. Not ideal as they will not start first thing in the morning though... Keep a lookout for an additional 2+ panels and you will be ok.

With the MPP voltage range some units will track lower than the stated range so the unit may track below 300V if it is getting enough power.
I am going to give it a whirl.. And i am looking for a few panels now... Hopefully i can get a battery wall going soon and change everything out to something that will use both (solar/battery) and can be grid tied as well.

HBPowerWall you are the reason i am here. Love your builds and i am following you.. Do you do live shows? And when. I started documenting my build on youtube as well. If this isnt allowed please delete it. You can follow my build here
aims is low DC, SMA is high DC - don't play together nicely - what's the end goal on/off/hybrid setup?
Arrow Opus Dischargers - Definitely my choice pick for dischargers
Hybrid... I made a thread for this. The aims i have is 48v and the sma is 365v min
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I try... Sometimes i fail.... ok most times. lol

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