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I suddenly have all these EV batteries
Greetings from south-central USA!

I have replaced the EV battery in my 2012 Chevrolet Volt with a salvage pack. The old 16KWh (nominal) battery has a few good sections left and is mine to plunder.  It has lithium cobalt pouch batteries in 3P96S configuration to run the car. In order to make this battery last "the life of the car", the engineers designed the car to keep the cell voltage between about 3.71 to 4.06 volts (I think), using about 9.6KWh of the pack's capacity for a daily trip. The pack has likely seen over 1200 cycles so far, but no way to know for sure. I know it has near 9KWh of capacity left between the design voltages.

The pack is made of 7 units of 3P12S, and 2 units of 3P6S. These units are fairly easy to extract but very difficult (and somewhat dangerous) to subdivide further, so if possible I would like to find an application for multiples of 12S, or 44.52V min to 48.72V max.  

While I am reading old posts on this forum and getting a lot of ideas, I'd like your thoughts on what to do with a carload of lithium. My first thought is to use them for solar storage and would need to find a suitable charge controller, BMS and inverter than can work with 12S or 24S, ideally keeping the cells to their design voltage.

I would appreciate any ideas! 

You should look at the videos of DavidPoz. He's converted an old Chevy Volt battery into a Powerwall about 1 year ago. He has several videos covering this.

One key thing to remember with these pouch packs is that they need to be under pressure, ie. sandwiched together tightly. I think otherwise they bloat and degrade very quickly.

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