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Identify / Source these cells from ebike
I acquired an ebike this morning and after some investigation, I have concluded the battery is stuffed.

It's a 10S battery - currently sitting at 38 odd volts.. Sounds like a good start but as soon as I introduce any sort of load the voltage drops down (like half) and then either the bike or my discharger/tester cuts out due to low voltage.

I have eliminated the BMS as the issue by connecting the battery directly to my discharger / tester and seeing the voltage drop when load applied. My guess is the cells are stuffed.  I could build a pack from 18650's thou it would be good if I could source these cells and rebuild the pack.. Does anyone know where I could get these? (preferably Australia)

If anyone can recommend a good quality 10S BMS (LiIon) it would be appreciated - I really don't feel like trusting a $10 eBay item on a 40+ cell 18650 bank (if i end up building it that way)

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