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Image Uploading & Posting
I noticed there are many different ways people have been uploading images to the forum recently. Some people are using the image uploader we built, others are uploading them as attachments, then there's a large list of random 3rd party image hosting sites people are using and embedding into the posts.

Going forward, we would strongly appreciate if you could upload images using the "dropzone" image uploader tool that is located directly below the textbox where you type your message in the new thread, new reply, and edit post pages. We are not making this a requirement to avoid creating extra work, but we ask that you consider using it for the reasons below. Images uploaded that don't use the built-in service will most likely be reuploaded manually by a moderator or automatically by a script.

* Image Retention - All services have their own retention time and many image uploading websites don't last long. There's nothing more annoying than browsing a forum and looking at posts months or years old and all the images are gone or showing a "404" error. Additionally, some sites like photobucket have bandwidth restrictions before it starts blocking images, and other sites like imgur specifically prohibit using their service as a CDN to host content for your website.
* Encryption -  Our forum is served over https and this requires all embedded resources to also support https. If images are embeded from a 3rd party host not using https, some browsers may show a warning in the address bar, or completely block the content from showing.
* Performance - The members who read the forum are spread out around the globe. The 5MB image you uploaded might load quickly for you, but someone on the other side of the world might have to wait several minutes. All images uploaded are compressed in a way to reduce bandwidth consumption and optimize delivery.
* Additional Features - Images uploaded using the forum uploader will appear in the Image Gallery. We are we are working on some additional gallery and sharing features as well.

* The uploader is now rotating images properly when a rotation flag has been set by the camera. Prior to this update, some images were being uploaded sideways depending on how the camera was held when the pictures was taken.
* The uploader will no longer automatically insert pictures into the message you are typing. When you upload images, they will remain in the white uploader box as thumbnails. When you're ready to insert the image into your post, please your cursor where you want the image to go and click the thumbnail. The BBCode for the image will be inserted to the editor and the thumbnail removed from the uploads box.

Please report any issues you may find to the Feedback & Suggestions forum. We would also appreciate any suggestions you may have for new image-related functionality.

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Sounds good. Wink
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I forgot to send you a test picture Mike, sorry.

If this isn't inverted you've fixed the issue.
(09-14-2018, 09:30 PM)Sean Wrote: I forgot to send you a test picture Mike, sorry.

If this isn't inverted you've fixed the issue.

It's all good, we found one and got it fixed Smile
(09-14-2018, 09:30 PM)Sean Wrote: I forgot to send you a test picture Mike, sorry.

Yep, my dog helped out Tongue

Mike: for the images that a user (me, for example) uploads, can we have quick access to the ones we uploaded? That way we don't upload multiple copies of the same file. I know that the script probably matches files based on content, but what if we changed a file slightly (unknowingly or re-saved a file/snippet and changed it's contents) and it's basically the same as an existing file.
I hope I worded that right.
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Hi Mike,
I uploaded some images in this post, but a couple of them appeared rotated.

I read somewhere about sending you the originals in a zip file to help resolve the reason, but couldn't find that post, so hope it's ok attaching them here.

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