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Import & Customùs per country
Here in Spain the same european law, above 22€ you must pay VAT, plus some customs but usually electronic devices have no customs. That's the theory but really I buy usually at aliexpress and his Aliexpress Standard Shipping has an aggrement with our postal service, I receive often shippings of 100€ and more with no aditional cost. Of course if you use DHL, UPS or similar you will pay all taxes plus handling cost.
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The majority of the time low value Chinese goods are exported as a "gift" and a low value because they then also avoid export issues/licenses.

The Duty and VAT ruling is across the whole of the EU and partly standardised (VAT) to prevent the previous circular export frauds within Europe. This means that anyone bringing items in would have no advantage shipping them on. Duty is usually very small (1%-3%) so country variations would be too small to make the difference up for forward posting.

Normally, if you bring something in and it is liable for VAT the postal/courier service collectes the VAT on behalf of the government. That is with small items (i.e. your not bringing in a pallet via ship yourself) and if the labeled value is "low" then it passes through... I have not had any postal item with Duty liable. I have had several pallets over the years that had various duty rates.. (duty rate is per item and varies so not a single rate for a pallet if the pallet is mixed) and that is a whole separate set of issues....

That's my experience in the UK..

Didn't you know they have been saying this the previous 2yrs as well ? 

Don't panic, there will be power. Don't you think it's strange they come with that news just before local and government elections? 
All propaganda to try and influence people.

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(10-01-2018, 01:29 PM)Franky Beuselinck Wrote: Now, one more big issue with our great country is customs. We can only import 22EUR/25$, if it's above we have to pay import tax, with minimum 15EUR handling fee.
So if  you buy an item for 22.5 EUR, you pay 22.5 + 15 + tax, real bummer isn't it? This means I can't import 10 PCBs for building the Jehu battery project without sponsoring those white collar criminals.
Don´t be sad.
I live in Denmark and here the limit is 80 DKK or 11 EUR before we are punished with 25% VAT + a 21 EUR Handling fee.

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