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Individual cell balancing or Stack balancing
I'm working on a project which focuses on designing commercial electric motorcycles. The battery configuration is 15s12P Lithium-ion cyclidrical cells.

That means I'm using 15 stacks in series with each stack consisting of 12 cells in parallel. 

I am in a dilemma if must balance each cell in the pack(individual cell balancing i.e 2 wires coming out each cell) separately OR get a wire out of each stack(2 wires coming out of each stack consisting 10 cells in parallel) to implement my BMS algorithm.
Can you give an insight on which one is more preferable?
All cells in parallel will balance out by them self. All i series must be balanced by a BMS with balancing function.
So, a 15s BMS connected to each parallel pack.
15s need 16 wires to balance or 14 wires plus the end wires depending on the BMS design. I fyou have a design where the balancing and meassurement are 100% indicidual you might need 30 wires in total.. Though really not needed if properly done.
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Agree with daromer, The way to get away with 16 wires is to switch off the bypass load when measuring the volts, then switcth the bypass on again if balacing. If the bypass load is relatively small the cell voltage will not have much to recover so timing would not be that important.

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