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International space station battery's
Ok so I'm sat here having a cuppa before work. And I'm thinking. What sort of batteries are used on the issue.  As lead acid far to heavy to send to space.
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Like the cycle life number on those: 60,000 cycles?
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Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
NASA engineers / managers have discussed the ISS batteries at length in previous press briefings for spacewalks when they are going outside to do work on them.  We're currently in the middle of a multi-year process of replacing all of them.  The next batch just launched yesterday, and two astronauts are going out the door in about a week to execute that replacement.  I recommend that you watch the briefing on NASA TV this Thursday, because it's bound to be covered during that briefing, or at the very least will get you started with the right terms to start googling.  It'll show up on Youtube within a day or so of airing.
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