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Inverter Decision
Hello All
Unsure which Invertor to choose. There are a lot out there but i am unsure what are value for money. 
Currently i am setting up my system that when i get enough money to get a bigger system, i will move this smaller system it into my camper.

So its 24v system these are the 2 i am looking at:

If any one has any other i am happy to check them out. The minister for finance has given me a budget around $250
I would look for an inverter of a known brand name. It will end up lasting longer, performing better, and you won't have to go back to the minister for finance in 6 months because the no-name brand failed Wink
Most of the cheaper ones are fake and not true sine-wave. For a camper, if you plan on living in you probably want the most efficient inverter, and that comes with a price. For example a MPPSolar makes a decent 24V integrated solar controller with inverter, but has a 50W idle. So it takes 1200W a day even if it's not doing anything. For a house it's fine I can throw another few more panels to cover that loss. On a camper I'd bet you're a little cramped for solar area. A Victron unit might be more expensive but will have a lower idle consumption at I think 15W, which comes out to around 360W.

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