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Is MakeSkyBlue MPPT solar worth it?
Hi guys.
I'm looking for a good but cheap charge controller for my diy 18650 power wall 7s (29.4) 4kw. I want something that have user-defined parameters.
I'm thinking of make skyblue mppt charge controller. I don't know if they work as advertised.

"MakeSkyBlue MPPT Solar Charge Controller for 12V 24V 36V 48V 72V 96V AGM Lifepo4 Lithium Battery Not PWM Charger Regulator"
Thank you
Never used one but many i've seen have been happy with them.
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I have 3 of them and they are working great for me.
Tracking seems to be pretty quick and I am happy with them so far.
The only thing is they don't talk to each other so even though they are set up the same there is always one that will take the lead.
That should change once I am Li based instead of Pb The 40A one is for a 12V 650Ah AGM battery set and the 50A ones are for my 48V 250Ah Pb deep cycle battery bank picture taken in the afternoon 4.25 PM overcast.

On a good day I can get quite some amperage out of them. I bought them twice the rating that I needed Just because they are chinese.

To be able to use heavier wire with the 2 contacts rater than run 2 wires I used a round terminal end and cut the end off to give me 2 spades to slide in and tighten.

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If 18 X 650 = 2200+mAh then we have power! 
May all your Cells have an IR of 75mΩ or less Smile
Last count as of 4/22/2019
Total Number of Cells                         4465
Cells  >80% of Capacity                      3077
Cells <80% of Capacity                       1372
Cells ≥2200mAh & ≥ 80% & ≤75mΩ    2129
Google Drive for info
Not your average Wolf       

They are ok as long as you have the later firmware builds. I have 3 of them hooked up to 7kW of solar.

The tracking in the earlier models is a bit erratic with cloudy conditions and not really fit for purpose as the tracking get's stuck at a low output. Later firmware corrected this.

Temperature wise they run reasonably cool until you load them up and the internal fan will probably last 3 years tops, so I'm going to end up replacing the fan with an external airflow.

The back of the case is effectively a heatsink so mounting them on a large sheet of alloy or steel helps a lot as your effetively making the whole mount into one big heatsink.

I have had around 95 Amps comming from 3 units (2 x 60A, 1 x 40A) into a 48V battery earlier this month.

With the terminals, the easier option is just split the strands of the cable and share them between the two connectors, way easier, no additional component cost and electrically just as good..

Beware though as there are at least 3 different manufacturers of them... check the adverts and sellers. Original boards are marked internally. Check the firmware is possible.
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If you can't quantify how much they cost, it's a deal, I'll buy 5 of them for 3 lumps of rocking horse ......
Thank you very much much.
It helps alot
(04-20-2019, 08:08 AM)Idiwzr Wrote: Thank you very much much.
It helps alot

I have a frimware 133 is there any way to upgrade a later version?

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