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Is it safe to draw 12v from a 36pack?
so I have built an electric skateboard with a 10S2p 18650 battery pack
I want to add a led strip to the back of the skate, the led strip is working on 12v.
my question is is it safe to connect it to 3rd part of the pack series to draw just 12v
will it unbalance the pack or anything?
Sure, this will be working slowly towards an unbalanced battery. The cells powering the LEDs will be drained quicker than all the others. It's better to put a 36V to 12V buck converter across the entire battery and run the LEDs from it. As a side effect you will also have a relatively nice and stable 12V voltage while neither 3s or 4s will give you decent 12V-range voltages.
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Agreed with DarkRaven. Or re-wire your LEDs to get 3 strips in series.

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