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J-Mans project
Picked up a couple more ebike batteries.
One of them was another one of those that they filled up entirely with rubber....

Again it was a pain in the a** but the cells came out a lot easier then the last ones once I removed all the bus bars and the plastic so I can push them out.
I didnt have to use the hydraulic press this time so thats a plus Big Grin

NCR1860BE cells, testing at 3200mAh on the OPUS. Pretty good cells but it was about 5hrs of work to get them out Big Grin

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Dont we all love high numbers Big Grin

LG MJ1's that were discharged to 0.1V due to a faulty chip on the BMS which was sucking power. Charged to 32V with 25mA per cell. And now they are flawless again.

After nearly a year of not doing much on my powerwall what I have done is gather some more cells. Just for fun and really wasnt trying hard sadly, maybe I should have considering my supplier of hoverboard packs decided to give them to someone else as I didnt call him Sad

So now to date I have another 1443 Cells, 1250 of which are 2900-3300mAh tested Capacity. All from ebike packs. thats another 14ish kWh of storage. I should be receiving a lot more starting in march as I have built myself a little network of bike dealers that are giving me their broken batteries. Ill wait till after summer to decide if I am expanding the powerwall with this or if I will sell them.

sadly still havn't put my powerwall into operation but im hoping my house is standing by the end of the year and then I will plug it in.

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Clean battery connectors with 91% isopropyl alcohol rubbing cell contacts with paper towel. Add flux only rosin flux to battery connector then heat with clean tinned soldering tip at 350c you will be surprised how well this will work in solder flowing freely and bonding perfectly. Clean solder and remaining flux with fresh alcohol above.
Cheers, im only doing spot welding now though. Cant be bothered with soldering.

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