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Jason's power wall
Started assembling the packs for my power wall. The power wall will be 7s40p. I am using new 2200mah Samsung cells I bought for 80 cents each.
Each pack is 1s20p (Owitte style)

I'm thinking about using the bms and solar charger from Its only $220 us which is a cheaper alternative to the batrium. The SMBS40 can handle 4 60 cell solar panels.
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(02-07-2018, 02:49 AM)Jason Morris Wrote: I am using new 2200mah Samsung cells I bought for 80 cents each.

How'd you pull that off? Or was it one of those super special deals cuz a store was trying to get rid of them real quick?

Nice color scheme ya got goin there Wink You gonna try to keep that throughout the build?
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nice design and coloring Smile . I'm also interested in your cell source, 80 cents for 2200mAh is quite cheap - as long as there's no "fire" in the brand name Big Grin .

Cells tested: 5140 (overall: 9974 Ah, average: 1940 mAh)
Cells in production: 2940 (overall: 6174 Ah, average: 2100 mAh)
Wall bank: 7s320p, 672 Ah, 16 kWh
Box bank: 7s100p, 210 Ah, 5 kWh
Project page
Live solar/powerwall values
Daily graph
I  bought some a while back and they are decent cells.  You might have to heat shrink a bunch since they are old new stock and connected.

While the batteries aren't 100% "new" they are all testing at 2350+ on my opus. They were used in a medical device that was recalled and the batteries were removed.(very little used if any) I contacted seller and bought in bulk which reduced price due to shipping.

I going to make some blue and green packs as pictured above and pink and green and maybe some pink and blue
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Do you guys think this bus bar would be sufficient? Its 3 strands of 14 gauge.
what is your anticipated Amp draw from these packs? That will determine if the bus bars are ok
Picture of bus bar

Well, I am not sure, however it is a small project so maybe somewhere around 1000w.

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Here is a good chart.

3 14 is effectively 9 guage
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Thanks. Do you think 9 guage is good enough?

I could do 4 14 gauge

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