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Jumping in feet first
Very new and very interested. I've been tinkering since I can remember. If I need or want something I can build myself, I usually do build it myself.

My new interest started by watching YouTube videos on another topic, chicken coops, but some people used solar to power lights, automatic doors, fans, etc. So that made me look further into solar. 

After doing a bit of searching on Google I found an article on Motherboard that referenced this forum. Looks like tons of stuff to learn.

I've started collecting old laptop batteries. Have 30 of them so far. Haven't tested them yet but will soon.

I have a few things I'd like to consider using solar power for, off-grid. 
  1. In-ground swimming pool pump.
  2. Chicken coop lights, fans, surveillance system (this one would be coupled with wifi via bridged antennas for remote monitoring)
  3. larger system to use for kitchen items such as fridge, oven, some lights maybe. This would be way in the future.
Hope to learn from what others have experienced.

Welcome... you're in the right place, with members that are generous with thier time and knowledge. Enjoy!
Welcome. Pool pumps use a lot of of power!
Some thoughts....
1. Swiming pool pump - try to optimise the use when the solar is active as this will minimise the energy cycled through the batteries and free up the battery capacity for other items.....
2. If these are all 24x7 then build your system with an initial inverter sized to meet this load, 100W over 12 hours is 1.2kWh or about 1.3kWh from the solar (losses) even for a small load...
3. Larger loads the main issue can be the surge when they are switched on which makes them expensive to use with an inverter. i.e. for a 300W fridge compressor you may need an inverter closer to 3kW or more due to the surge.... Lights deffinately one to start with...
welcome, I like your plans!
Arrow Opus Dischargers - Definitely my choice pick for dischargers

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